At the end of the day

My dad loves calling me at 10pm on a Friday night to ask me what I'm up to. He knows the answer, I'm probably out doing hood-rat things with my friends. Most of the time I'm a brat and keep the conversation short but one thing that always keeps me grounded is him asking:

" were you kind to people today and did your best? "

At the end of the day...what means the most to you? 

Is it obtaining your dream job? Material things? Extravagant vacations? More digits in the bank account?

Relationships mean the most to me. And I'm not just talking romantic relationships. The relationships you have with your family, friends, co-workers, strangers...etc. The connection you share with someone is something you build and grow- organically. 

Just a thought for you to think about on this lovely Monday.

Wishing you baes an amazing week before Coachella.